Treaty of Waitangi and cultural competence course

Treaty of Waitangi and cultural competence is a brief introduction to the Treaty of Waitangi and to the related topic of cultural competence (sometimes referred to as Treaty and Cultural Safety). It is designed as staff training for organisations the health sector but is relevant to other sectors as well.

Please note that this course is now 4 hours long, and that it is not a free course — refer to Hosting a course for the differences between Free and Paid options.

It has two parts. The first is to increase understanding of the Treaty by:
  • providing basic information about why it was written and what it says
  • reviewing implications of colonisation for Māori health today
  • considering application of the Treaty to health service provision
The second is to increase understanding of cultural competence by:
  • developing understanding of the concept of ‘culture’
  • considering different responses to cultural diversity
  • identifying strategies to promote cultural safety

Please note: We do not provide certificates or letters of attendance for course participants. Organisations are expected to provide their own certificates/letters of attendance to participants if this is a required competency for staff.

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