Theme 4: Māori privilege

Māori are portrayed as having rights or benefits denied to others in a way that is unfair and racist.  Current “New Zealanders” should not be held accountable for the grievances created by the treatment of Māori in the pasts.

Special treatment, Treaty/grievance industry, the past is the past, taxpayer funds, Māori Parliamentary seats, Māori All Blacks, Māori admission schemes, Māori scholarships.

•    “Spirituality or special treatment?” New Zealand Herald headline, October 12, 2004.
•     “National's ETS [Emission Trading Scheme] to include special treatment for Maori” 3 News headline, November 16, 2005.

•    Colonisation was in the past and no longer has a negative impact on Māori.
•    Society’s structures and institutions benefit everyone equally.
•    Fairness is a Kiwi value; Kiwis dislike any group being unfairly privileged.

•    Masks the unfair and unequal effects of society’s structures and institutions.
•    Deflects attention away from Pākehā control of wealth and politics.
•    Masks the very limited nature of Treaty settlements compared to the real value of resources taken from Māori.
•    Portrays arrangements that ensure Māori participation as being unjust or racist.

•    Explore Pākehā power in the area under discussion.
•    Acknowledge the role of tangata whenua and the Treaty relationship.
•    Describe action to reduce Māori disadvantage in context, acknowledging that past injustices have ongoing effects.

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