Theme 11 'Māori resources'

Potential or actual Māori control of significant resources - for example, land, fisheries or money – is portrayed as a threat to non-Māori.

Threat, fear, rich iwi, reverse racism, Māori land ‘gifted’ back, fisheries, compensation, customary rights, public access, iwi tax, Pākehā missing out, give Māori an inch and they’ll take a mile.
  • “TV3 implied that Ngai Tahu were to blame for David and Morgan Saxton being imprisoned for stealing the pounamu.” Press, April 11, 2008.
  • “Tribe: Pay us for air rights” New Zealand Herald, October 7, 2004
  • “Maori want to charge for use of airspace above Lake Taupo…” Prime News, October 7, 2004.
  • “‘Iwi tax’ Tribe sets lakebed fishing levy” headline, The Dominion Post, March 6 2009.
  • “Mining proposed for Maori land” headline, 3News, November 9 2010.
  • The audience is non-Māori.
  • A Pākehā audience should feel threatened by Māori control.
  • Māori control of resources is offensive because they don’t deserve it.
  • Māori should be grateful for any recompense.
  • Limits economic opportunities for non-Māori by iwi unfairly “locking up” resources  
  • The resource is wasted on Māori.
  • Makes Pākehā control of wealth in Aotearoa invisible; for example, by focussing on Māori-controlled land and ignoring the approximately 80% of land owned by non-Māori.
  • Obscures the sales of major assets from non-Māori to foreign interests.
  • Demonises Māori who want to develop their own economic base in line with Māori values.
  • Undermines Māori efforts toward economic self-determination.
  • Justifies state scrutiny of Māori controlled resources.
  • Māori concepts of resource management are legitimate and sustaining e.g.  wairua and kaitiakitanga promote conservation and sustainable development.
  • It is in Pākehā interests for resources to be in Māori control, because they will be managed with a long term view.
  • Treaty settlements and the return of resources are a significant and positive achievement that everyone can be proud of.
  • Māori resources are less likely to be sold overseas.
  • Māori control and use of resources generates taxes, jobs and services.
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