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Publication title Cost: individuals and groups/institutions Description of contents
Ngā Rerenga o Te Tiriti $10.00, $15.00

This new full colour resource  supports community organisations in engaging with the Treaty. Ngā Rerenga o Te Tiriti responds to the aspiration of groups and organisations within the community sector to be more engaged with the Treaty of Waitangi. It brings together many years of practice and reflection by Treaty practitioners, community organisations, and mana whenua. In doing so, it provides guidance, inspiration and sustenance to community organisations engaging with the Treaty.

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Treaty Conference 2000 Proceedings $28.00, $38.00

The speeches and organisational stories from this national conference are a unique record of bicultural and multi-cultural work in this country at the turn of the millenium. A wide range of Tauiwi groups and organisations, including churches, city councils, activist groups, educational and women’s organisations, presented their experiences and models of Treaty work over the past two decades.

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Programme on Racism Collected Newsletters 2002 $38.00, $55.00

This 500-page volume, edited by Mitzi Nairn, documents the work of the Programme on Racism of the Conference of Churches and many other Pakeha groups active in support of the Treaty of Waitangi. It covers a critical period in New Zealand’s race relations, and a seven-page annotated contents list makes the collection easy to use.

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Pākehā Treaty Work: Unpublished material 2002 $25.00, $35.00

This 248-page critical record gathers 30 previously unpublished reflections and analytical writings by key Pakeha individuals and organisations working for Treaty justice in Aotearoa, including Mitzi Nairn, Christine Herzog and Project Waitangi.

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Pākehā Treaty Work: an annotated bibliography 2002 $6.00, $9.00

This national bibliography of knowledge and reflection from the Pakeha Treaty movement includes 94 references to unpublished and published lectures, discussion papers, newsletters, reports, journal articles, conference papers and books written since 1980.

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Tangata Tiriti - Treaty People 2006 $20.00, $30.00

This kit has been designed to provide simple, accurate information in plain English about the Treaty of Waitangi for recent migrants. It includes 29 activities with hand-outs, overheads, worksheets and cards, as well as notes for facilitators. It would work best with a group of people considering the Treaty together.

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Te Whare, The House 2008 $10.00, $15.00

This 32 minute film is an historical parable about the Treaty of Waitangi relationship set in a modern context. The DVD is accompanied by a booklet containing information and discussion prompts for use with adult New Zealanders, including young people from the age of about 15. Prior knowledge of the Treaty of Waitangi is not required. See Te Whare online. 

Download the booklet, Te Whare

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Treaty of Waitangi Questions and Answers 2008 $7.00, $10.00
This publication is a revised and updated edition of 'Treaty Questions and Answers' first published in 1989 by Network Waitangi. It covers many historical and contemporary issues and includes a summary of legislation and events since 1840. It is aimed at people who want to gain a basic knowledge of the Treaty of Waitangi and its implications, but will also be useful for those who want to refresh and update their understanding. $7 / $10 

Download the updated 2015 version as a pdf file

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Poster 2008 $5.00, $7.50

This exciting and attractive poster features side-by-side Te Tiriti o Waitangi and a modern translation of the Māori text by Sir Hugh Kawharu, 1987. An A4 Question and Answer sheet giving an overview of the main points is included. A2 full colour.

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How Pākehā change in response to te Tiriti 2004 $40.00

Collected focus group records of research by Ingrid Huygens into how Pākehā change in response to learning about Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Accompanied by colour photographs of imagery created by groups to show their views. Photographs by Gil Hanley.

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Treaty Conference 2009

This report includes summaries of Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti keynote speeches and records of workshop presentations covering a range of themes including current issues and strategies, Treaty education and applying the Treaty in organisations. These records can be downloaded as PDFs from Treaty Conference 09

Treaty of Waitangi Brochure 2010 $1.00, $1.40

This brochure contains the text of Te Tiriti o Waitangi with a translation into English by Sir Hugh Kawharu; simple explanatory key points and Questions and Answers about the Treaty in an easy-to-read format.

Minimum order: 10 copies

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