Māori protests against injustices

Some early examples:

  • Hone Heke cuts down the flagpole at Korerareka 1844-5
  • 1843 Ngāti Toa disrupt a party of surveyors on their land in Wairau
  • 1847 Tainui leader Te Wherowhero writes to Queen Victoria asking for reassurance regarding land rights
  • 1858 Kingitanga is established to resist loss of authority and land
  • 1860 Taranaki Māori resist illegitimate purchase of their land at Waitara
  • 1862 establishment of Pai Marire faith promising divine deliverance from Pākehā domination
  • 1863 Waikato people resist General Cameron's encroachment on their land
  • 1882 a delegation from Ngapuhi goes to London is refused an audience by Queen Victoria
  • 1884 Māori king Tawhiao goes to London and is also denied access to Queen Victoria

For a summary of the history of Māori protest: Ward, Alan An Unsettled History: Treaty Claims in New Zealand Today (1999) Wellington: Bridget Williams Books (Pages 18 to 24) Council for International Development Treaty of Waitangi Resource 6.2 an introduction to Māori reform and protest movements from 1850 (Pages 45 to 53)