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1. The Treaty of Waitangi is generally recognised as law in NZ Courts
2. The Māori Affairs Department was set up to give assistance to Māori people in 1953
3. The first education system here was set up by European missionaries
4. The cost of Treaty settlements is undermining the economy
5. Discrimination against Māori people has never been legal in New Zealand
6. Most of the land taken from Māori people was confiscated by the Government as a result of the land wars
7. Abel Tasman discovered this place
8. The Waitangi Tribunal makes final decisions about injustices under the Treaty of Waitangi
9. The four Māori electoral seats were set up to ensure that Māori people would always be represented in Parliament
10. Māori protest over land and other justice issues started about 40 years ago
11. If everyone is treated identically, then everyone has an equal chance to succeed
12. Past injustices have nothing to do with the present because we didn’t do those things and we can’t change history
13. Some people advocate separate development for Māori people - that’s the same as the apartheid policy in South Africa
14. The Māori King or Queen speaks for all Māori people
15. Pākehā don’t have any culture
16. The British government decided to act in 1840 to prevent the French government from colonising New Zealand
17. The British government never recognised the sovereignty of Māori
18. Moriori people were here before Māori people
19. The Treaty is an agreement between Māori and Pākehā
20. The Treaty is the foundation of New Zealand