Māori sport and Māori in sport: Mass media representations and Pākehā discourse



Newspaper articles about Māori participation in sport made up less than one percent of sports stories overall in a representative sample of newspaper articles. This tiny proportion was divided between two types. Articles about Māori codes and competitions presented them as exotic and marginal to sporting life, with no background provided about why these competitions existed. The second type assimilated Māori within monocultural sporting codes, sometimes stereotyping them as instinctive or naturally gifted players, implying that they didn’t work for their skills.

Primary author: 

Tim McCreanor

Secondary authors: 

Jenny Rankine, Angela Moewaka Barnes, Belinda Borell, Ray Nairn, Amanda Gregory, Hector Kaiwai


AlterNative, 6(3), 235-247

Type of resource: