Hosting or attending a course

  • We can run courses for organisations that want professional development for staff. These are not open to the public. Therefore, an hourly rate will apply.
  • Delivery costs for paid private courses include tutor preparation time and delivery, hand-outs
  • The minimum number of hours for a course is three; you can have two but you will be charged for three.
  • Delivery for paid private courses is at cost for ‘charitable’ organisations (as defined by IRD, Charities Services), state educational institutions, and informal groups (no legal status); at commercial rates for the private sector and government departments
  • Venues must comply with OSH standards relating to the use
The differences between private and public courses are outlined below. These are guidelines rather than fixed rules — we are prepared to negotiate in particular situations. If you have questions or would like further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Content Whatever you choose
Length Minimum of 3 hours (session can be shorter but 3 hours will be charged)
Group size no minimum or maximum though we recommend 12-25

Who can come

your choice
Venue your choice
Delivery costs fixed rate per course hour, depending on legal status of organisation
Travel costs none within the Auckland area (Orewa to Pukekohe); mileage rate of 77¢/km beyond 
Cancellation fee 50% of fee for first session if between 1-2 weeks of start date; 100% if less than 1 week
Certificates not available
Course Times can be day, evenings or weekends