Culture Matters course

This introductory course is designed to promote awareness of the complexity of culture and to explore strategies which support working in more inclusive ways.    
Topics covered:
  • different ways of seeing things – the ‘wave’
  • what is culture
  • knowing your own culture in order to know others
  • different approaches to working cross culturally
  • culture and power
  • application of principles for working in culturally inclusive ways

Culture Matters recognises that diversity is an important part of any society by considering the underlying principles that apply in relation to diversity based on any dimension of culture including: age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, class, and ethnicity.

This course is 3 hours in length and can be a either private or public if an organisation is willing to act as a host by providing the venue and a cup of tea for participants. There is no charge for facilitation or resources. For more about public and private options

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